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SEPA Services


Our services include environmental, health and safety compliance, training and employee wellness programs. We offer on-site, inspections and audits, third-party consulting, industrial hygiene services, compliance program development and numerous training courses. We also offer open enrollment courses across the nation to better serve our clients and customers needs. 

EH&S Compliance and Training 


From health and safety inspections and audits, to OSHA Compliance program development and recordkeeping, SEPA's EH&S Professionals are knowledgeable in all federal and state regulatory requirements that apply within numerous industries. SEPA offers third-party consulting and compliance assistance to help in increasing your companies safety rating, reducing loss time incidents and injuries and lowering workers compensation and health insurance premiums. 


SEPA's pool of EH&S instructors and training professionals are certified through national training organizations such as NESHTA, OSHA Technical Institute and the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. We offer over 55+ environmental, health and safety compliance courses and training programs from OSHA safety, DOT and EPA compliance, hazardous waste and emergency response.

Wellness Services


When it comes to your employee’s safety and well being while in the workplace, wellness programs can ensure that they remain safe. By reducing the potential for workplace injuries and illnesses, wellness programs can assist in lowering workers compensation and health insurance premiums and also help to increase worker satisfaction. This in turn helps to increase overall production.


Our wellness programs include on-site, health facility development and leasing programs, wellness testing services, wellness counseling and fitness instruction. We offer some of the latest, state of the art fitness and health equipment on the market that also offers a "green energy" benefit. 

Domestic Preparedness Training & Exercises


SEPA offers a full range of training programs specifically designed for the first responder and first receiver to prepare them for disaster and hazardous materials incidents. 


Our training programs are designed for fire, police, EMS and hazardous materials teams that respond to natural disasters or hazardous materials incidents and terrorist events. We also provide first-receiver training programs for hospitals, public health units and civil organizations. 


Our professionals can also offer preparedness exercise development, evaluation and program development for federal, state and local response agencies. 

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