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Wellness Programs


SEPA offers industries and businesses with an opportunity to better enhance their employees health and wellness. By linking your Health and Safety Compliance programs into a well rounded Wellness Program and Equipment, you will begin to see an increase in overall employee benefits as well as company benefits.


Benefits Include:

  • Increase in overall productivity and job satisfaction

  • Increase in employee morale and wellness

  • Increase in overall safety rating

  • Decrease in loss time injury and illnesses such as musculoskeletal disorders linked to ergonomics issues

  • Decrease in short term sick leave

  • Decrease in workers compensation claims and rates

  • Decrease in overall health insurance premieums


Wellness programs demonstrate to employees that their employer cares about their well being and that their actions have an impact on the company. By including a wellness program and facility at your work location, your employees will have better access to state of the art equipment and health programs and overall wellness. 


Wellness Facilities/Equipment

We can offer state of the art equipment and can tailor your wellness facility to meet your employees needs and your wellness budget. 

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